A landscape rendered by spontaneous figurative strokes, a piece of live Nature that dances and sings at the touch of the artist... this is what my work is about. I like to transpose and reinvent what I see, what I feel. By my perception of things, I renew the landscape that I have appropriated. My work seeks to show life in all its movement. I leave myself open to the effects of the light as it falls on a particular element, to the play of its shadows...




A rapid stroke of the brush, elaborate colors inspired by Nature, my constant source of inspiration, plunge the spectator into a visual poem. These same colors, with their naïve dimensions and connotations, find their place spontaneously in the composition. The dabs and splashes applied to the canvas become masses of color that assume recognizable shapes: the subject is figurative without erasing completely the trace of the strokes that gave it life. Like reality, the oberver’s perceptions change, according to the mood, or to the light.

My technique is inevitably based on early as well as more recent training and practice.
Beyond this, I feel the influence of several contemporary figurative artists. The works of the great masters have also inspired and nourished my artistic development.

By exploring and experimenting outside the bounds of a preconceived visual notion, I aspire to a personal, original style. By keeping my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds of my imagination, I hope to take the spectator on a trip to a world where anything and everything is possible, the world where I explore the instantaneousness of the changing image.


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