Press article and interview

2010- Press article by Matt Chambers: The Dependent Magazine, Life and culture, newspaper of British-Colombia, November 26 2010.

Press article by Hélène Creusot : The Source, cultural newspaper of British-Colombia, November 2010.

2010- Radio-Canada, interview at "Le Téléjournal CB/Yukon, chronique culturelle de fin de semaine " with Caroline Arbour, Novembre 27th.

2009- Press article by Sophie De Kepper : L'Express du Pacifique, french newspaper of British-Colombia, November 2009

2009- Press article by Alexandra Vézina : L'Echo de la Lièvre, newspaper of MRC Antoine-Labelle, December 2009

2009- Radio-Canada, interview at "Correspondance" with Denis Couture, November 19th

and at "Le Téléjournal CB/Yukon, chronique culturelle" with Yolaine Mollet, Novembre 20th.


Artistic Training

2002 à 2006
Painting and drawing course at l’École des beaux-arts Mission Renaissance
2002-04 Apprenticeship with Clarence Bourgoin : Landscape, with Françoise Sullivan : The Art of Abstraction, with Dominique Sarrazin : Picture, Space and Color,
1998 Painting session and apprenticeship with Seymour Segal,
Art Therapy training with Diane Petit,
1992 à 1997 Painting and design course in the studio of Francine Labelle



2017- June- Two-person show at "La gare de Piedmont", Piedmont'(QC)

2014 - One person show "Sur le motif", Bibliothèque de Saint-Aimé-du-Lac-des-Iles, (QC)
2006-07- One-person show Paysage du Québec, Théâtre des 4 sœurs, St-André-Avellin, (QC)
2006-07-08- One-person show Le paysage d’ici et d’ailleurs, Funérarium A. Ouellette, Mont-Laurier (QC)
One-person show at restaurant-gallery Robino’s, San Isidro, Costa Rica.
2003 - One-person show Les Musiciens, Café Saint Chasles, Mont-Laurier
One-person show Jam de monde, Café Saint Chasles, Mont-Laurier (QC)

Two-person show at the municipal library of Mont-Laurier (QC), Balad’Art event, engraving

2001 Two-person show at furniture store Massé, Mont-Laurier (QC), Balad’Art event, painting

1998- Two-person show Portrait de famille, Belgo Building, Montreal

1997- Two-person show La couleur : dialogue avec l’émotion, Gallery 1040, Montreal. (QC)

Group show, Arbutus Gallery, Sidney, B.C
Group show, Laroche Fine Art Gallery, Sidney, B.C

Chosen for the Benefit Auction of the Écomusée du fier monde, Montréal

2014 - Second place in Painting in the competition of the "Maison des arts et de la culture de St-Faustin", (QC)

2008- First place in Painting in the competition of the « Maison des arts et de la culture de St-Faustin », (QC) .

The painting « Casse-croûte Chez Mo-nik » was chosen as cover of the recipe book « Saint-Élie à table, d’hier à aujourd’hui. »

2007- Juried show at the Maison des Arts et de la Culture of Saint-Faustin (QC)

The painting « L’essouflement » was chosen by Playwrights Canada Press in 2007 as cover of the book « August, an Afternoon in the Country. »


Participation in Other Events
2014- Montreal Art Bomb, Canal Lachine, (QC)

2014- Selected for"Art for Life" Auction, Vancouver, (BC) 

2012-Selected for "Art for Life" Auction, Vancouver, ( BC)

2008-07 Participation in Festival international de Racour, Belgium
2007- Exhibition during performance by Fred Pellerin, storyteller, at Théâtre des 4 sœurs in St-André-Avellin (QC)
2007-06-05-04 Exposition indisciplinée, annual fund-raising group show to benefit the Centre d’exposition, Maison de la culture of Mont-Laurier (QC)

2008-07 Participation in Festival international de Racour, Belgium

2008-07-06-05-04 Participation in Rendez-vous des artistes in Saint-Léonard, (N. B.)
2008-07-06 Selected : Painting Symposium in Kamouraska (QC)
Painting and Sculpture Symposium of Sainte-Rose, Rose-Art in Laval (QC)
Festiv’art in Frelighsburg (QC)

2008 Selected: Symposium Art et Passion de Sainte-Julie (QC)

2008-07 Selected: Painting Symposium in Sainte-Flore (QC)
2006 Painting Symposium of Rosemère (QC) Festival Arts et Reflets at Château Richer (QC)
2004-03-02 Art Teachers’ Show at L’ÉCOLE D’ÉTÉ, arts et métiers d’art in Mt-Laurier (QC)
1997 Benefit Auction of The Happy Couple Foundation, Château Dufresne, M


Related work experience

Employment 1997 à 2004 Founding Director of L’ÉCOLE D’ÉTÉ, arts et métiers d’art in Mont-Laurier (QC) ( « The Summer School for Art and the Handicrafts »)
Programming and coordination of 80 intensive courses in art and in the handicrafts, given during the summer by established, recognized artists.

2002-03-04 Drawing Teacher, one-week intensive course at L’ÉCOLE D’ÉTÉ, arts et métiers d’art de Mont-Laurier (QC)

1984 à 1997 Founding Director of Falbala Créations, Ready-to-Wear, Inc.
Designer and producer of a collection of hand-painted ready-to-wear clothing and bed linens.
1980 à 1983 Boutique Falbala,
Clothing production, and distribution and sale of the creations of 20 artisans.

Public Collection
Ministère de la Justice, Palais de justice de Mont-Laurier

Private Collection
Fred Pellerin, storyteller


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